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We use a specifically tailored plan of care, using a proven combination of chiropractic, soft tissue therapy and massage, acupuncture and injury rehabilitation for fast effective pain relief for many disorders of the spine, joints, muscles and nerves. 
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101 Aigburth Road
Liverpool, Merseyside
L17 4JU
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0151 792 2149
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Your Liverpool Chiropractor focuses on improving the function of your spine and pelvis, helping your nervous system and muscular system to function at its best. This helps improve flexibility and posture, makes it easier for your body to deal and cope with stresses of daily life and increase performance and wellness.
Working on all the joints of the body, concentrating particularly on the spine, chiropractors use their hands to make often gentle, specific adjustments (manipulations) and other joint and soft-tissue therapies, as well as giving exercises, and health and lifestyle advice, to help support the body’s natural ability to heal.
The Techniques used include by your Liverpool chiropractor:
Manipulation & Mobilisations (Gentle and Painless Impulses to Joints)
Active Release Techniques (ART)
Applied Kinesiology
Soft Tissue Therapy & Massage
Instrumented Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM)
Taping (Kinesiotaping)
Electrotherapy (TENs / Ultrasound)
Hot & Cold Therapy
Injury Rehabilitation
Strengthening / Stretching / Core Stability Exercises
Nutritional Advice
Lifestyle Advice
Sports Injuries
Liverpool Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic offer a unique and unrivalled treatment model using a proven combination of the most effective, cutting edge techniques in Chiropractic, Soft Tissue Therapy, Sports Massage, Acupuncture and Sports Injury Rehabilitation.
We offer elite level sports injury care and pain management that is normally found in professional sports clubs. Through a specifically tailored plan of care, treating the underlying cause, rather than the symptoms, we deliver highly effective treatment and rehabilitation, returning you to full function as quickly as possible, preventing future injury and enhancing performance.
Our Team are well versed in the most advanced Massage Techniques. They are not just masseurs, they are Sports Injury Therapist with essential skills, knowledge and experience for fast effective treatments. 
Our Team have worked with a range of clients from GB athletes and professional footballers to amateur athletes and the general public.
Massage therapy helps you recover, heal,  relax and rejuvenate.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
After 12 months of X-rays, MRI scans, blood tests and physiotherapy on my knee and back through my GP I was classed as a medical mystery. I haven't been able to lay on my back for years. I decided to visit Alex and his team to see if they could help. Now 6 weeks on I feel like a different person. No more pain or swelling in my knee and my back feels great. I have better movement and I am able to get out of bed normally. I can also lay on my back with out pain. I would highly recommend a visit to anyone and already have. Thank you so much for helping me. You have made a huge difference to my lifestyle.
ByAndrea Sant
Testimonial #2
After 7 years of back pain with no real improvement, it was so refreshing to have such great treatment, absolutely incredible results even from just my first session, great welcoming and friendly staff and a lovely and relaxing atmosphere, would recommend to absolutely anyone, incredibly impressed with the service!
ByLee Thesoilworker Williams
Testimonial #3
Fantastic experience from start to finish. I have never had chiropractic treatment before but from the first phone call everything was explained to me in layman's terms. The friendly team made me feel at ease throughout and the treatment itself has been excellent, with my back pain cleared inside a few weeks and a course of rehab given to ensure it doesn't return. Top quality. Thanks.
ByIan Hughes
Testimonial #4
I had been off work for weeks with my back & had little joy with medication or physio. The good reviews are well deserved. I was made to feel at ease & everything was explained as we went. I got good advice and felt better after a few sessions. I would highly recommend this clinic.
ByPaul Jones
Testimonial #5
I've had three sessions so far with Sharna focusing on an ongoing shoulder complaint and the difference is already noticeable. I am a keen gym-goer so have been able to feel the improvement in my shoulder strength and general mobility. I'm looking forward to my next appointment and would recommend the Clinic for anyone in need of their services.
ByPhil Murray
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0151 792 2149
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