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Custom House, 52A Mersey View, Brighton-Le-Sands
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Sleep Training (3mths-6yrs)
read moreMy Sleep-Training Programme includes a 1.5 hour consultation, followed up with a Sleep Training Report for you to follow my step by step programme tailored to your child, plus a follow up phone call each morning of the 4 day sleep train. There is also the opportunity to purchase the Bronze add-on service, which is just 25 for unlimited text support 7pm-7am for each night of the programme, some clients choose to purchase this some dont.

Birth Preparation Antenatal Classes
read morePrefer to have a private antenatal/preparation for birth class rather than hospital group class. Private antenatal/preparation for birth class for mum-to-be & birthing partner at our beautiful Maternity Centre.

Baby Massage
read moreBaby massage is all about communication. In a baby massage class, parents are enabled to observe and understand their infants cues. The class provides space and time when both parent and baby can themselves experience a relaxed and secure environment. The aim of the classes is to teach basic, safe strokes to parents whilst building their confidence. Remember dads can massage their baby too! Studies have shown that positive touch with infants leads to healthy physical and brain development.


Sally Aplin
read moreI contacted the sleeptight centre as my little girl was having lots of sleep issues. We had worked with a sleep consultant before but it just didn't work so I was sceptical. Our little girl wasn't able to self settle and it would take us up to 1 hour and 30 minutes to get her to sleep! We would have to rock her and tap her to sleep. She would then wake numerous times in the night and again the same thing would have to be done to get her to sleep.
Katie-Jane who owns the company ensured me that Florence's problems could be sorted in her 4 day sleep programme. I met with Katie-Jane at her centre for a lengthy chat about the issues we had and to find out more about the programme. Katie Jane is such a lovely lovely lady and makes you feel at ease from the very beginning, throughout the programme and even now 2 weeks after we have finished we still keep in touch!
I couldn't believe the transformation in Florence's sleep even after day 1! She settled herself to sleep and slept through the night! By day 4 she was asleep within 5 minutes! Katie Jane was there every step of the's not just a programme but a relationship which we have built up and that really helped with my confidence carrying out the programme! Katie Jane is there 24 hours a day to help you!!
Katie Jane has transformed our little girls sleep immensely and has transformed mine and my husbands evenings and nights.
Thank you so so are the baby whisperer...we will never forgot how you helped us! 💕
Would recommend without a doubt Katie janes services.

Caroline Bates
read moreI was dreading going back to work after 9 months maternity leave. I was up every 2 to 3 hours feeding through the night and daytime naps only happened after lots of walking and rocking to sleep in our arms. After working with Katie our little boy now goes to sleep by himself and regularly sleeps 730pm to 630am and has 2 good length day time naps. I think I would have ended up going off work sick if we hadn't been able to get more sleep through the night. Our little boy is clearly so much happier now he is getting quality sleep and he has even stopped kicking off when we put him in his car seat (don't know if that is related or coincidence!) I would not hesitate to recommend Katie to anyone. Can't thank her enough for her support

Nicola Howard
read moreAfter many friends recommended Katie Jane we decided to take the maternity package. It was so reassuring to have someone to talk to in the weeks leading up to Harry's birth. Once Harry arrived Katie Jane came to the house and helped with questions/ concerns I had. After the first few weeks we put a plan in place regarding feeds and sleeps, this worked really well for our family. Harry was sleeping through within 10 weeks which I was thrilled about.
Even whilst we were on holiday recently I messaged Katie Jane for advice and she was there within minutes offering advice and reassurance.
I would recommend Katie Jane for any parents expecting. It really does help having an expert at hand!

Sarah Allan
read moreAll I can say is Katie Jane is some type of sleep angel! My son who is 18months slept in my bed, didn't nap in the day, wouldn't go asleep unless I laid beside him for about 1 hour and would wake 2/3 times a nights and wouldn't go back to sleep with out milk. I really didn't have much hope of it working as I had tried cry it out before, and it never worked. The difference it makes having Katie Janes advice 24/7 throughout the programme is really what I found the biggest help. Her reassurance throughout it all really what makes a difference. Charlee took to the programme really fast on only the second night Charlee was going down in his on cot with only about 1 minute of crying, by the end he was going down with no fuss, also sleeping right through and napping for 2.5 hours in the day. Katie Jane is such a lovely lady and really genuinely does care about you. It's nearly a month since I done the programme and I still been able to WhatsApp her when unsure on something. I think it so nice that she doesn't just do the four days then leave you or expect any more money for her advice. I couldn't recommend her enough I just only wish I had known about her sooner!
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