Churches in Liverpool

Toxteth Tabernacle

Toxteth Tabernacle

Toxteth Tabernacle
Liverpool, Merseyside L8 8AN
We're a mainstream Christian church of all ages and many nationalities that seeks to make Jesus known in a relevant way today. We are open six days a week serving the local community, so we are sure you'll...
Maghull Baptist Church

Maghull Baptist Church

Maghull Baptist Church
Liverpool, Merseyside L31 3DY
Maghull Baptist Church holds the name of Jesus Christ in highest honour through Worship, Instruction, Service and supremely bringing others into a living relationship with Him. MBC Mission Statement) Maghull...
Formby Christian Fellowship

Formby Christian Fellowship

Formby Christian Fellowship
Liverpool, Merseyside L37 3NB
We're an Elim Pentecostal Church that was set up following the merger of two existing church plants from Southport Elim Church and from Kingsway Fellowship, an independent Charismatic church in Waterloo....
Kirkby Christian Fellowship

Kirkby Christian Fellowship

Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Liverpool, Merseyside L33 0YD
Kirkby Christian Fellowship (KCF) is a Partnership Church located in Kirkby, Merseyside, UK. We at KCF believe in partnering God to bridge the gap that has developed between the church and the community....
Dovedale Baptist Church

Dovedale Baptist Church

Dovedale Baptist Church
Liverpool, Merseyside L18 1DW
We're a family-centred evangelical Baptist Church in S Liverpool. We strive to exalt Jesus as Lord and make a difference for his glory in our community and all the world. As well as our major worship service...
Liverpool Parish Church
0151 236 5287
Liverpool, Merseyside L2 8GW
Old Church Yard 5
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St Anthony's Catholic Church
0151 207 0177
Liverpool, Merseyside L5 5BD
Scotland Road
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Liverpool One Church
0151 203 5737
Liverpool, Merseyside L3 3BL
Richmond Row 144
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Glory Worship Church Liverpool
07472 929000
Liverpool, Merseyside L3 8NP
88 Haigh Street
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Saint Francis Xavier's Church
0151 298 1911
Liverpool, Merseyside L3 8DR
Salisbury Street
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Breck Road Baptist Church
0151 808 0992
Liverpool, Merseyside L6 2JG
Breck Road
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Liverpool Chinese Gospel Church, Great George Square, Liverpool
0151 709 5050
Liverpool, Merseyside L1 5DY
Great George Street 11
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St Vincents Church
0151 709 9222
Liverpool, Merseyside L3 5TQ
Saint James Street
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Christ Church Liverpool
0151 703 1870
Liverpool, Merseyside L8 7PE
Office: 2 Blackburne Place
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St Michael R C Church
0151 263 6578
Liverpool, Merseyside L6 5EH
Horne Street
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Salop Chapel Free Presbyterian Church
Liverpool, Merseyside L4 4DF
Spellow Lane 62
St Anne Parish Church
0151 709 4434
Liverpool, Merseyside L7 3HJ
Overbury Street 7
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Third Church Of Christ Scientist Liverpool
0151 427 2793
Liverpool, Merseyside L8 1YR
Upper Hill Street 68
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St Francis De Sales R C Church
0151 525 3483
Liverpool, Merseyside L4 3RL
Hale Road 75
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Merseyside Christian Fellowship
0151 260 6738
Liverpool, Merseyside L6 5AD
Richmond Park 22
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Deeper Life Bible Church
0151 709 4670
Liverpool, Merseyside L8 0TY
Centre of Excellence, Solway Street East (off Lodge Lane), Toxteth
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Our Lady Of Mount Carmel RC Church
0151 727 1463
Liverpool, Merseyside L8 8DX
High Park Street 27
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St Philemon's C Of E Church
0151 727 0687
Liverpool, Merseyside L8 8BR
Admiral Street 78
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South Liverpool Vineyard Church
0151 263 0692
Liverpool, Merseyside L8 4YL
Shelmore Drive 5
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Devonshire Road Christian Fellowship
0151 727 4353
Liverpool, Merseyside L8 3TY
Devonshire Road 14
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Belvidere Road Church
07762 788958
Liverpool, Merseyside L8 3TG
12a Belvidere Rd
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Christ Church Tuebrook
07909 623108
Liverpool, Merseyside L13 8AY
Buckingham Road 5
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Ebenezer Chinese Christian Church
0151 792 7848
Liverpool, Merseyside L13 8BN
Craigburn Road 4
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St Cecilia RC Church
0151 228 1310
Liverpool, Merseyside L13 7DT
Green Lane 21-23
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St Clare R C Church
0151 733 2374
Liverpool, Merseyside L17 2AU
Arundel Avenue
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Unitarian Church
07828 883484
Liverpool, Merseyside L17 2AA
Ullet Road 57
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Our Lady Star Of The Sea Seaforth
0151 928 2338
Liverpool, Merseyside L21 4LJ
Crescent Road 1
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The Archdiocese Of Liverpool
0151 522 1000
Liverpool, Merseyside L17 1AA
Croxteth Drive
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Frontline Church Liverpool
0151 733 3373
Liverpool, Merseyside L15 3HA
147 Lawrence Road
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Grace Family Church
0151 728 9870
Liverpool, Merseyside L17 9PE
Aigburth Road 216-218
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St Charles R C Church
0151 727 2493
Liverpool, Merseyside L17 9PG
Aigburth Road 224
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Liverpool Chinese Christian Disciples Church
07580 007226
Liverpool, Merseyside L12 1LP
Beech Park 27
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Kingsway Christian Fellowship
0151 920 5111
Liverpool, Merseyside L22 5NA
Church Road
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St Paul R C Church
0151 228 3405
Liverpool, Merseyside L12 8SJ
Spring Grove
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The Parish Of Christ The King & Our Lady
0151 722 2231
Liverpool, Merseyside L15 6YQ
Queens Drive 78
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Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs Catholic Church
0151 546 3574
Liverpool, Merseyside L11 9AZ
Stonebridge Lane
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Saint Margaret Mary's Catholic Church
0151 228 1332
Liverpool, Merseyside L14 0LD
Pilch Lane 197
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St Bernadette R C Church
0151 427 7648
Liverpool, Merseyside L19 4TW
Heath Road
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Saint Mary's Catholic Church
0151 428 2256
Liverpool, Merseyside L25 6LG
Saint Marys Court 1
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Gateway Church
0151 486 4023
Liverpool, Merseyside L24 9HJ
Goodlass Road
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Christ Church Centre
0151 487 8194
Liverpool, Merseyside L27 7AE
Brownbill Bank 71
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Holy Family Catholic Church
0151 486 9885
Liverpool, Merseyside L25 8TQ
Macket's Lane 146
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Saint Marks Catholic Church
Liverpool, Merseyside L26 0UF
Penmann Crescent 113
St Christopher's R C Church
0151 486 1874
Liverpool, Merseyside L24 0SF
Stapleton Avenue
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